5-6 september 2019


Snart kommer årets seminarieprogam att presenteras
Inbokade föreläsare i år är bland annat:

Mia Törnblom Trevor Steyn
Esse Probiotic Skin Care
Jens Bergström TPE


2018 års Seminarie Program
Seminarieprogrammet för den 66:e CIDESCO-kongressen, 6-7 september 2018
Plats: Sal M8

Under mässan erbjöds kongressdeltagarna ett internationellt seminarieprogram.
Föreläsningarna hölls på engelska.


Thursday 6th September

11.00 - 12.00
René Nagels 
Dermato-cosmetic scientist and founder of Nannic R&D 
Choose the right type of RF for nonsurgical antiaging treatments
Radio frequency (RF) is well-known in Cosmetic Dermatology as an effective tool for nonsurgical skin rejuvenation. Depending on the type of RF and the used tools, the results can be exceptional but also cause a risk for the human body. Is there a safe RF treatment with immediate and long-term results? What is the difference between Resistive RF and safe Capacitive RF? What is the required high-quality tools for optimum results? Learn more about how you can choose the right type of RF that is effective and safe.

12.15 - 13.15
Trevor Steyn 
Trevor is a South African chemist and founder of Esse Probiotic Skincare. He’s known as the ”Father of Probiotic Skincare” and was the first person in the world to develop a live probiotic skincare product.
Billions of live Probiotics (beneficial   bacteria) – The future in professional skincare!
Recent breakthroughs in skincare science have shown that microbes living in and on the skin has a bigger inpact on our skin health than our skin cells have. Due to this knowledge, the skincare industry is facing the biggest shift in decades.
Trevor Steyn will show you how this new approach will benefit you as a skin therapists and also the end customer.

13.30 - 14.30
Dirk Hundertmark 
professor and chemistry specialist with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry especially in mikropigmentation. He is the founder and owner of Purebeau New cosmetics GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
The principle of Plasma technology. Fibroblast non-ablativ lifting without, surgical.
Dirk Hundertmark will in his presentation introduce you to the new a treatment “Plasma” and the importance of choosing the right knowledge in combination with precision and technology. Fibroblast Plasma is a new worldwide non-ablativ treatment. In the lectured Dirk will also talk about the importance of pre – and aftercare program.

14.45 – 15.45
Dr Andrew Christie
Dr. Andrew R. Christie is an industry specialist with over 20 years of experience who has lectured as a skin- and microneedling expert in over 50 countries. Andrew has authored several books on microneedling and written over 600 papers for industry publications and journals.
Microneedling & Papulopustular Acne – delivering innovative and effective patient solutions In his presentation, Dr Christie will focus on how automated microneedling delivers unexpected and innovative success to patients affected by papulopustular acne. Combination therapies with microneedling, including the infusion of certain active substances and chemical peels, deliver even greater treatment versatility and result.

16.00 – 17.00
Dr. Andrea Bovero, PhD
Andrea Bovero, PhD, trainer, consultant, journalist, writer. Opinion leader in Beauty, Wellness & Lifestyle. He is considered one of the most appreciated Spa experts and critics, his several reviews issued on magazines, blogs and social networks have made him earn the “Spa Spectator” title.
Spa & Beauty Evolution: Market Trends and Innovation
The idea of beauty and wellness has been completely revolutionised by the advent of the Spa System, extending the known concept beyond the borders of "body care". The marketplace has changed, also the consumer has changed and, in order to keep up with the present times, the services offered by the beauty centers have to change as well. The right response   to the demanding challenges of the Spa Business are innovative wellcoming protocols and multisensory rituals, which are essential elements in the new economy of emotions.”

Friday 7th September

09.00 – 10.00
Michael Q. Pugliese
Michael Q. Pugliese, BS, LE: an informed educator, writer, and asset to the skincare industry. His dedication and leadership to the brand has grown to achieve international recognition and distribution worldwide. This global expansion has   created a skincare regime for every skin type in the world. Michael’s compelling lectures honors the tenets of modern skin science discovered originally by his grandfather.
Innovative Ingredients technology
Sophisticated ingredient technology   has driven consumer demand, yet few estheticians understand the depth of science behind these powerful ingredients. Expose yourself to a multitude of ingredient classifications from peptide technologies to antioxidants and from stem cell   technologies to skin lighteners. Leave this class with a comprehensive understanding of these innovative concepts and effectively treat your clients in 2018

10.15 – 11.15
Linda Mehrens Flodin 
Makeup artist with 30 years of experience with in the cosmetic industy. Founder and creativ director of MEHRENS ACADEMY, Scandinavias first stand alone CIDESCO Media Makeup School.
To work professionally with makeup
How to work as a professional makeup artist. The basic techniques and rules in makeup. The makeup artist's techniques have spread to beauty junkies who are making up their own rules and techniques. Where does it come from and how is this effecting the results and trends?

11.30 – 12.30
Jens Bergström
Jens Bergström, tattooer since 1997 and founder of Tattoo and Piercing Education 2010. Former Head Chairman of SRT, Swedish Tattoo Association in between 2009-2015. Currently working in the association as vice Head Chairman developing the first trade certificate for tattooers in the world. For the last 4 years he has been working in the EU for a safer trade as consultant for different developing projects mostly regarding Hygien safety in the workplace. Tattoo and piercing education is the largest platform in Scandinavia doing educational lectures regarding hygiene safety towards the tattoo industry, and also other trades that concerns breaking the skin barrier. Recently he was invited to develop a   relevant education for the skin therapists of Sweden and SHR.
Breaking the skin barrier and keeping it safe
I will in a short, easy going and effective way try to explain the values of knowledge regarding workplace hygiene. The different trades of breaking the skin barrier is very similar, have similar laws and the way we execute is much alike, so i will try to explain in a very simple way why we all need to keep a acceptable level of hygien in the workplace to prevent micro infections,  bad results and resistant bacteria to spread in society thru misconception of what we need to know."

12.45 – 13.45
Sophie Alemany
Sophie Alemany has worked 15 years as International Training Manager for Thalion. Former Training Manager for Givenchy in Europe and the Middle East.
Mineral therapies - health or skincare?
Mineral therapies focuses on stress, the evil of our century, mineral deficiency and ageing. Through magnesium and calcium cures, we can see positive results on how to reduce stress, increase well-being and prevent ageing.

14.00 – 15.00
Dimitra Tsantidou
Dimitra is a Cidesco Beauty Therapist, member of the Greek Health Tourism Association and assistant of the Greek Thermal Medicine Academy she advocates the nature’s impact on human entirety as an approach to total wellness.
Healing Waters
From ancient times to the present, wellness and health through water have been an integral part of human life. Scientific studies prove the therapeutic dimension, promoting the increasing trend of seeking the benefits of thermal water vital properties, either via balneotherapy or spa and beauty applications. By deploing knowledge and targeted practices we can deliver something more than beauty: Prevention, Health, Longevity.

15.15 – 16.15
Dr Ghoncheh Yazdani
Qualified physician (family medicine, ophthalmologist, specialist in aesthetic medicine) with a broad knowledge and years of experience in traditional healthcare, private medicine and entrepreneurship.
Innovative treatment for Acne Vulgaris shown in a new study
In a world plenty of knowledge and information your business is less valuable every year if you don’t exclude traditions and include innovation and competence. The lack of effective treatment for acne vulgaris and long periods of treatment with antibiotics may increase the risk of developing resistance. Dr Yazdani has been shown that BioCool® which is a medical device effectively kill microorganisms and reduces the grade of infection by P.Acne in Acne vulgaris.